Convegno PCE

Dal 16 al 19 giugno 2023 parteciperemo al convegno PCE a Parigi con un contributo su “An Italian large case study on Emergency Remote Teaching: factors and predictors which affect Higher Education students’ attitude“.

Convegno MESE1

Dal 30 gennaio al 01 febbraio 2023 parteciperemo al convegno MESE1 (Napoli) con due nostri contributi: “Peer learning in higher education: an effective response to the university students’ dropout problem“ “An extensive questionnaire about emergency remote teaching: more than 3000 engineering students respond about their perceptions on online didactic activities“  

Convegno IPER-HPR

Il 25 e 26 novembre 2022 parteciperemo al convegno IPER-HPR a Udine con un contributo su “Peer learning in higher education: an effective active methodology to mitigate the university students’ dropout rate“.